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We book your business's flight to soar through progress , Success means only doing what you do well letting someone else do the rest , If something is stupid but works it isn’t stupid , A company is known by the people it keeps

About Us

An intention towards creating a space where creativity and utility synchronize has been the modus operandi for MoonPeak Digital. We are a web development and design endeavor based in the Himalayas. We provide end to end solutions to businesses.


The mutually benificial work relation with us is quite an experience of content and completion. Gifted with hearing and speech, we use them only to comprehend and propose ideas or innovation married to your business' future and progress.


Our Clientele

We don't just develop websites and applications, we offer a complete solution covering all stages of your project, from planning to launch, promotion and maintenance.

We're not the best.....but

We’re in peace

We know and deliver progress based on strong pillars of logic, market trend and most importantly clarity. This allows us to not be a pendulumn clock.

We’re skilled & Creative

Precious time has been invested in garnering talented individuals. Meditating in the mountains has allowed us a glimpse at the 6th sense, intuition. We heavily manufacture creativity as such!

We’re Punctual

Yep we sleep with a clock under our pillow! Well not really but we honour time which is one thing which cannot wear a price tag.

We have an affair with coding

Steady as she goes! Coding... You know what we do when we are bored? We innovate and enhance coding and play around with the various elements invovled. The himalayas make us coders look saintly cool.

We’re responsible

It has become quite cliche these days to say this but we really do mean it and our vast trail of work relations speaks louder than our letters here.

We're very Friendly

Holler at us anytime and we'll fix whats broken or tell you if its not. We really like ideating and storyboarding processes and business perspectives. Feel free to talk to us.

What people say?

Working with Moonpeak Digital was very easy and enjoyable. They were quick to understand what we wanted and tried hard to meet all our requests with a cheerful manner and confident capability.

Nadia, PM Forum.

What people say?

Working with Moonpeak Digital has been an absolute pleasure. They are responsive to our needs and always offers solutions and developmental ideas over and above the brief.

Greg, Roux.

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VITTAL ACHARYA | 28 Oct 2016
The advent of making a new creation is optimized to the extent of superficial melodrama and realistic depth. Moonpeak Digital's website and services inclusion was a one with the same myth. The reason why delay and procrastination occur is a story that will not be told here as those entities are non-existent.
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